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Maximum Service - Affordable Pricing

“The right planning makes time so valuable to us. The more profit we generate out of it, the less time we like to waste.” -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Scheduled Flights ruling your Timetable - that's History!

Are you not tired of: looking for parking-space, waiting in line at check-in-counters, airline delays and cancellations, no non-stop flights but having to change the aircraft? Your timetable is basic for our flight planning. Never give a flight plan the chance to affect your timetable. Our goal is to offer you a maximum of flexibility while setting up your appointments and meetings.

Your Timetable rules our Flight Plan - that's it!

How it should work: drive up to the aircraft, board and depart.

The goal is to build long-standing and productive relationships with clients customized to meet specific requirements:

  • Clients get quotations directly from the operator of the aircraft, thus avoiding the payment of intermediaries;
  • Quotations will be forwarded normally within one hour after receipt of the request;
  • The plan of action will be defined according to the needs of the passenger and the wishes of the client at that time.

Thanks to a convenient geographical location, to the high utilization rate of the aircraft, and, very importantly, to efficient cost management, FAI is in a position to offer very attractive prices. In addition, in order to avoid any flight delays, flexible terms of payment can be arranged.

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Expect the best
Expect the best
At maximum service
At maximum service